Month: July 2017

“I can’t save the world alone!” – The myth threatening our environmental progress.

Sceptics are arguably a bigger threat to our environment than climate change itself. Over the years, there have been multiple articles suggesting we all stop caring – from ‘the earth is homeostatic’ to ‘it simply won’t get too bad within our lifetimes’, and the reasons have always been entirely disprovable. One recent article has particularly […]

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Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement is no “hoax”: What does this mean for the fashion industry and in general?

Earlier in June this year President Trump made the shocking announcement that the U.S. would be withdrawing from the Paris agreement. This pivotal agreement, signed by 195 nations, is one of the first deals that unites the world in a collective fight against the burgeoning climate change problem. Living under what has been deemed, the […]

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The Capsule Wardrobe Challenge: 37 Items or Less

You may have heard of the term ‘capsule wardrobe’, essentially meaning a wardrobe containing a few items of clothing that don’t go out of fashion quickly, that you really love. We’d hope we all have something similar in our own closets, but how many clothes do you actually own? 75? 100? The capsule wardrobe challenge […]

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A list that’s sure you to make you GREEN with envy: Brighton’s top sustainable hot spots

Brighton is a bustling haven of sustainability. With saving the planet at the very heart of its politics, (it still reigns champion as the ONLY Green constituency in the country); such an attitude is palpable as one walks through the city. As you worm your way through the North Laine’s, (a symphony of seagulls providing […]

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Ocean’s Angels- Are they really answering our sustainability prayers?

As summer is well underway, many will now be diving into continental seas, or perhaps dipping tentative toes into slightly colder water here at home. For those of you making a splash, now seems a good time to raise awareness concerning the high levels of waste plastic in our oceans; and point to those who […]

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Sustainable Development Goals ARE ‘Life Goals’

You may have heard or seen the phrase, “#Life Goals” splashed across social media recently. A fabulous, minimalist mansion with pool overlooking Californian coastline. A model-esque couple camping in scenic countryside with absolutely no sign of rain, cows, or cow dung. A woman doing yoga and drinking a fruit smoothie and posting about it on […]

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An ethical summer holiday packing list

Summer is officially here and it’s the perfect time to take some time off work and head away to sunbathe by the sea, whether that’s your local beach or a plane’s journey away! As with any shopping spree, we’ve got to remember to shop sustainably when looking for some last-minute holiday purchases. Here’s a compilation […]

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