Month: March 2020

A Message for You

Hello Hello. How are you? Considering the situation, take some time to ask yourself how you really are. We decided to focus this week’s blog post on you, and radiating some positive thoughts during this difficult time. Stopping Normality We are living in such a surreal moment in time as everything around us is closing; […]

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Back to Basics: What Is Slow Fashion?

To understand what slow fashion really is, we first have to begin at the root with the Slow Movement. As mentioned in a previous blog post, this began in Italy in the 1980s, reacting against the fast-food culture. From there, it became international opposing the ‘fast’ lifestyle encouraged by industrialisation and technological development. This movement […]

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Inspiring & Impactful: Mavis Soko

This is Mavis Soko; her community see her as a mother, grandmother, leader, best friend and brave entrepreneur. After receiving her financial training through,  Mavis was able to kick start her restaurant business in the Zambia Compound Market and with the profits made, Mavis bought a television, one of the most important possessions. One […]

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