Month: May 2020

Althea McNish – Textile Revolutionary

Britain’s first black textile designer of international standing. Althea McNish was an influential textile designer who sadly passed away at the age of 95 on the 16th April 2020. We would like to celebrate her life and her contribution to British Textile Design She was truly an inspiration and a revolutionary black woman who managed […]

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Is it Worth It?

Rest now, e Papatūānuku Breathe easy and settle Right here where you are We’ll not move upon you For awhile We’ll stop, we’ll cease We’ll slow down and stay home Draw each other close and be kind Kinder than we’ve ever been. I wish we could say we were doing it for you as much […]

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We’re really excited to have Laura as a guest blogger – Today she’s releasing her short film Hydrotherapy ⬇️ A short film exploring the reason a swimmer swims throughout winter has been released. The project was a collaboration between Laura Sanderson and Friction Collective, “Friction Collection wanted to create a film short about someone who […]

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Vote with Your Wallet

Indoor Life During quarantine, there isn’t much we can do. Some of us cook, watch TV, exercise, read and/or play games. But what pretty much everyone is doing, especially right now, is buying things online. We buy puzzles, clothes, gardening tools, appliances, food, sports and outdoor equipment. Amazon, Asos, Argos and other retailer companies are […]

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Saudade – Mariri Jungle Lodge

By Barbara Krzonkalla Mariri Jungle Lodge; an eco lodge, a home, a natural reservoir. A dream come true, located in the heart of Brazil, along the Amazonian Rainforest. A dream of living in tune and harmony with nature, with one another and one self. A place where healing takes place. Where our home, the planet, […]

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