Month: June 2020

Statement Jewellery – Local, Sustainable & Unique

Jewellery – Much More Than an Accessory Jewellery is truly a beautiful accessory. Earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets manage to enhance a person’s best physical features and personality. Yet, the uniqueness that jewellery should bring to an individual is lost through mass-produced accessories. How someone dresses define who they are and what they represent. However, […]

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Black Lives Matter – Solidarity in Surf Paddle Out

The sun may have been shining recently, but storms of discontent have been brewing across the world. On Saturday 13th June, the ever cold waters off the coast of Brighton were warmed with solidarity. A brave community of swimmers, paddle-boarders and surfers ventured into the sea in a heartfelt display of peaceful protest against systemic […]

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Plastic Pollution – Some Grass Root Solutions

Can Capitalism and Sustainability Go Hand in Hand? Facts on Plastic Waste Plastic pollution is a major problem in the world affecting wildlife, habits and even humans. Millions of animals are harmed and killed every year, both in the sea and on land; fish, dolphins, turtles, whales, seals, birds, cattle, elephants, tigers and many more. […]

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2020 – The Year We’ve Been Waiting For!

It feels like 2020 has been cancelled. Work has altered, going out has become a privilege, shops and restaurants have been shut for months and events all around the world have been cancelled. Yet, staying at home has made us think and reflect on our life and the world around us. With the stop to […]

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Sadhguru Quote

Sadhguru – Stop Taking Life Too Seriously

The Future Life is uncertain; we don’t know what will come our way and what the future holds for us. The truth is, nobody knows about the future but, isn’t that a great thing? It’s like going to watch a suspense thriller movie, we don’t want anyone to spoil it for us, we want to […]

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