Month: July 2020

Swimwear and Activewear: How to Own Them to Their Fullest Potential

Changing Perspectives When it comes to your favourite pair of swimmers, what do you look for? I enjoy a nice two-piece with high waisted bottoms and a well supporting top. I’ve had the same two bikinis for the last few years. These garments have seen the sandy shores of Western Australia as well as the […]

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Ibiza Fashion Festival: Making Ibiza Plastic Free by 2023

What is Ibiza Fashion Festival? Ibiza Fashion Festival is an annual event showcasing sustainable fashion. The event aims to spread awareness of the impact that fast fashion has on the environment, whilst showing that you don’t have to compromise the environment to be fashionable. The famous fashion show is the main event, which features vibrant, […]

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Durability in Fashion: Why Longevity Should Take Priority

Understanding the Buying Culture I don’t know about you, but I often equate durability with quality. Those terms are definitely interchangeable for me. Clothing which can withstand continual wear and washing has to be of a high standard. Longevity is a major factor I look for when purchasing clothing. It not only ensures less trips […]

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The Fashion Industry Moving Forward: It is Time to #PayUp

Exposing the Injustice You’re probably thinking about how the retail industry at large has coped during these unprecedented times. To put it simply, fast fashion brands have been managing just fine, but at what cost? It is no secret that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. According to […]

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Building a Circular Relationship with Our Oceans

The Plastic Problem Most of us have gradually come to realise the significant crises facing our oceans, as human factors have placed the Earth in a new geological age for the first time. As carbon dioxide emissions rise, the oceans increase in acidity. It is also estimated that with each degree of increase in global […]

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