A Loving Valentine´s Day!

In an interesting time of endless connections, shorter distances, open information, and immortal futures, choose this moment. Choose Now.

Have a date with yourself. Play your favourite song and dance, take a long warm bath, cook for yourself or go to that restaurant you´ve been wanting to try, wear something that makes you feel great. However you decide to get ready, make sure you get in the mood for love!

Start with you. Start here, breathe deeply and fully. Make peace with the incredible being you are. Supply yourself, consciously with Air. A movement from within.
Breathe out, feel the warmth, sigh, acknowledge the Fire inside, coming out. Recognise and honor who you are, let go of judgments and idealized concepts of who you should be.
More than half of our body is made of Water. Take the wave as a guiding example. The wave simply exists, forms, travels, flows, sounds, is surfed, swam, sailed, dived into, floated upon until it crashes beautifully on the shore. Observe your inner ocean, notice the outer ocean. Contemplate the waves, enjoy the different shapes and curves.
Stand up, walk aware of each part of your body, every step is a new expression, feel the groundedness of your touch, own the Earth in you, what exists, what is.
See yourself as you want to be seen, hug yourself as intensely as you like to be hugged. Perceive your scent, sound your voice. Taste this very moment. Nature is the internal teacher in each one of us.

Take a moment to be grateful for carrying all the Elements in you.  You, a complex, simple and amazing universe all at once.

How do you take care of yourself, of others, of nature, of the world right now?

In a controversial time of separations, applications, unthinkable waste, and imaginary borders, choose to be whole.
Choose Love.

Love is acceptance. Love the present.
Celebrate yourself. Celebrate the Planet.

Happy Valentines´Day!

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