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Hello. How are you? Considering the situation, take some time to ask yourself how you really are. We decided to focus this week’s blog post on you, and radiating some positive thoughts during this difficult time.

Stopping Normality

We are living in such a surreal moment in time as everything around us is closing; restaurants, shops, schools, offices and more. It feels like we’re at war, but this time is a different kind of war- one that affects everyone in the world no matter position or status. A phantom battle keeping us locked at home and allowing us extremely restricted outings.

Capitalism has made us individualistic, so much that we don’t trust anyone anymore. At this moment in time, we’re even more antisocial due to the virus that is spreading all around the globe. We can’t shake hands, hug, kiss or go visit loved ones. We wear surgical masks and gloves when heading out, afraid of catching a disease that has provoked so much suffering.

I know you don’t want to listen to this right now but trust us; ‘every cloud has a silver lining’, there always is!



Reflect on Your Life

In these situations, we can’t let the media crush us in a cycle of anxiety and depression. On the contrary, we have to think of everything that we have, that we love, appreciate and take for granted. Yes, we’re in lockdown, but at least we have a place to call home, a roof over our heads.

It’s time for us too to stay home and spend time with friends, families or partners. Through this, we will experience what’s like to spend quality time with loved ones, to get to truly know them like never before- after all, we might never get the chance to spend time like this again!

Slow Down

Our lifestyle is too fast- but now we have a chance to slow down and get to know the people who surround us and also ourselves. We’ll have the chance to try new things, things we never had the time to do before.

Now we have the time to look around and reflect on our journey so far. Reflect on what we believe is important in our life: what we cherish and what we feel causes toxicity. Let’s use this time to be true to ourselves and take care of our body and mind by going slow.

Nature’s Transformation

Right now we’re staying home. Not only to save ourselves but also to save those who are more vulnerable than us. At the same time, whilst we spend each day indoors, the planet is healing itself. The waters are becoming clearer, the air fresher in places we never thought possible. We can see with our own eyes nature’s healing process, taking just a few months to start regenerating itself. A magical phenomenon that rarely is allowed to happen. But now, whilst we stay at home, we can observe our home in all its beauty as spring blooms in front of our eyes.



Afterwards, summer will be welcoming us with open arms. We’ll celebrate in the streets: we’ll hug and cry of joy and realize that we’re not strangers anymore, but a community.

A Change in Consciousness – Our Hope

We will go back to normality, but something will have changed. We will have realized that we can’t keep consuming and producing as we did before. Learning this lesson will have created a change of consciousness that values community over commodity, collaboration over nationalism and communication over isolation.

We will learn the necessity of harmonising with the planet instead of exploiting it. Valuing important things will be part of our new form of consciousness. Local agriculture and permaculture, manufacturing without exploitation and consuming only what we need to preserve our resources will be integrated within our new normality.

All these factors will contribute to a better world for everyone; for the planet and every citizen within it, no matter their status, ethnicity, religion or sex. Spring will then symbolize the transition, the blooming of a new era and mentality and summer will signify the implementation of this new consciousness within our everyday life.


Thank You

On a final note, it’s extremely important to focus on the positive things and long term achievements during this surreal stop to normality rather than what we think we’re missing out on.

Thank you for listening to us and we hope this message will have radiated some positive thoughts during this turbulent time.



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