An ethical summer holiday packing list

Summer is officially here and it’s the perfect time to take some time off work and head away to sunbathe by the sea, whether that’s your local beach or a plane’s journey away! As with any shopping spree, we’ve got to remember to shop sustainably when looking for some last-minute holiday purchases. Here’s a compilation of brands you can look to for all your summer essentials!


The number of days you’re going away for will determine just how much you need to pack in terms of clothing. Remember to bring a jumper for the cooler nights, and bear in mind that you’ll often be wearing little more than your swimming costume so there’s no need to bring your whole wardrobe!

Recycled or second-hand clothing can be bought from websites like People Tree, Bushbells, Rokit or Beyond Retro, or you could try Ebay or your nearest charity shop to pick up some new pieces at a fraction of their original price. For comfy but light closed-toe flats, we recommend Toms, and recycled tyre flip-flops from The Whale Company if you’re looking for something a little lighter.


You’ll obviously be needing some swimwear to soak up the sun in, so head over to the Rubymoon website and sign yourself onto our mailing list to receive 10% off your order. Try some recycled denim sunglasses from Mosevic, and you’ll need a beach towel such as the above pictures organic cotton towel from Etsy seller BloomOfCotton.


To carry all your makeup, try a makeup bag from Neema. Non-animal tested makeup can be purchased from Barry M, The Body Shop, Soap and Glory or Natural Collection. You’ll be needing more cruelty-free toiletries such as natural deodorant from Earth Conscious, sunscreen from Kiss My Face, soap from Lush and shampoo and conditioner from Yes To Blueberries.


On top of everything else, it is also useful to bring a portable charger like this one from Ethical Superstore, a reusable water bottle from One Green Bottle, and some bamboo pocket tissues from Who Gives A Crap.


Once you’ve packed all of this, plus your tickets, passport and foreign currency, you are ready to go with a suitcase full of ethical and sustainable products – have a lovely holiday!
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