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Your Work Out Wear & Plastics: Under The Microscope

Last month one of the European ecommerce platforms on which we are featured banned all polyester clothing- unless it is recycled. So we were wondering if this is the beginning of the end for synthetic fabrics? Alexandra Reece investigates. Consumers have long been aware of the polluting impact of waste materials on the environment, but […]

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RubyMoon is proud to be a partner on the the Brighton Beach Collective.

The Brighton Beach Collective is launching an innovative exhibition and installation showcasing a variety of ethical and sustainable products following a beach or beach-waste theme. Showing from May 4th– June 4th2018 at The FAIR Shop in Brighton, 21 Queen’s Road, BN1 3XA. The BBC is formed of a group of artists and designers working ethically […]

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Sometimes people and places can really inspire us. As an Italian on the Erasmus programme, this is my second week in Brighton and I have learnt so much! Particularly when I met the very personable Siobhan Wilson, owner of the Fair Shop, in Queens Road, Brighton and I interviewed her on a busy afternoon in […]

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2020: The year of eco-fashion?

We see a lot of companies, particularly clothing brands, claiming to have environmentally-friendly credentials as a means of attracting conscious shoppers to their stores. However, it has been proven that not all companies know exactly how environmentally friendly – or usually, unfriendly – they really are. In 2011, Greenpeace inspected the water outputs of multiple […]

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Ten Celebrities Endorsing Ethical Fashion

The ten household names that you may not have realised dress sustainably!   1. Emma Watson Of course there couldn’t be an article about ethical fashion without mentioning Emma Watson, one of the most notable celebrities using their platform to incite positive change worldwide. Emma runs a website, Feel Good Style, promoting sustainable fashion and beauty […]

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RUBYMOON x SPORTIV’ @ Mode City Lyon – An Insight

As you are probably well aware of, if you follow us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, we have been preparing tirelessly for Mode City Lyon for weeks (and weeks, and weeks!) now.  Mode City is one of the biggest lingerie and swimwear trade shows in the world, and is taking place this week between Friday […]

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3D printing has made remarkable progress in the past few years, from 3D pens to printing and implanting a human skull and even a kidney. However, it seems that despite all this, the clothing industry has been lagging behind until now. The first high profile 3D printed clothing project was by design studio Nervous System. […]

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“Algaemy” aims to replace hazardous chemicals in clothing with environmentally friendly single-celled organisms. Algaemy is an analogue textile-printer which produces its own (surprisingly fast-growing) pigment. A wide color palette from different shades of blue, green, brown and even red derives from various species of microalgae. When it comes to chemical and water use, the textile […]

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Creative Conscience Interview with RubyMoon’s Founder Jo

RubyMoon founder Jo Godden The Creative Conscience Awards are a ‘platform for innovative ideas that encompass world changing creativity’ and RubyMoon’s founder Jo was one of this year’s judges. As RubyMoon is founded on sustainability, working with the Creative Conscience team was an excellent opportunity for us. Below is a snippet of the interview, you […]

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