Inspiring & Impactful: Jenny Vallejo

RubyMoon loans 100% of its net profits to women entrepreneurs in 14 developing countries.

We share each story with you, from each woman that journeys with us.
Case study and beautiful photography provided by FotoDocument/Ana Caroline de Lima

Meet Jenny Vallejo who lives with her husband and their two kids in Carchi province, Northern Ecuador. Jenny has been working as a farmer and raising cattle since she got married, 12 years ago. She grows a diverse range of plants, such as corn, beans, and barley.

In Ecuador, there are two seasons: the dry and wet season. This is the reason why Jenny decided to build a small dam to gather water from a spring nearby so she can keep both her crops her cattle well hydrated- because that can be a problem in the dry season. Jenny was able to build the dam and buy other provisions for her farm with the loan via, in this way she is able to have a steady income which can be life changing for her and her family.
“— This is Esperanza, she is my best cow”, says Jenny proudly while preparing to milk the animal. Esperanza produces more than 12 litres of milk per day which Jenny sells every day at 6 am to a milkman who then takes it to a dairy factory whose products are distributed to the whole country.

When not milking the cows or working at her plantation, Jenny goes to her parents farm to help with the work there. Jenny’s parents live nearby and help her by looking after her children.

At the end of each day, Jenny returns home to prepare dinner for the family.
“— We work hard every day but when we go back to our house and see our kids smiling we see the reason for our work,”  Jenny shares.


After supporting Jenny with a microloan, so she can grow her business and buy more cows, we named our GymToSwim® Tankini Top after her to honour her inspiring story. We believe in #WomenEmpoweringWomen this is why with every purchase made you enable a loan to support women like Jenny. Find your piece, make an impact!

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