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We are proud to be the first and only swim & active wear company to have both positive environmental and social impact: in fact, that was the drive behind RubyMoon- way back in 2010! We offer the perfect product to the 21st Century woman who is passionate about her consumer impact, yet will not compromise on fit, aesthetics or function.

Fitness wear for the conscious consumer.

#100%NetProfit: we like to share the love by proudly donating 100% of our net profits. Currently we have helped over 600 women and their families find a way out of poverty and give them a chance to plan meaningful, secure lives and as a personal touch, the collection pieces are named after the women in whom we have invested – including Vanna, Solange & Leilani.

The RubyMoon philosophy is to make it possible for the majority of women to buy our products and create an impact- so we make sure we are affordable and have a great selection of products for different body sizes and shapes – spreading the body positive message!

Passionate about eradicating the modern slavery that exists in the clothing industry, we make guarantee our supply chain is totally clean and transparent and we will only use regenerated materials. Award winning and a recognised Social Enterprise, RubyMoon have integrated the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals into our business structure so you can trust us to do what is right- for our planet, for people and for our products.


Our (& Your!) Global Impact


Our products are certified for 42% less carbon emissions.

Manufacturing is local and we consider the entire impact of all our supply & delivery chain- from sourcing through to delivery to you. We guarantee that there is no modern slavery used anywhere in our supply chain.

RubyMoon chooses sustainable materials – ECONYL® nylon yarn from used fishing nets and other regenerated material is used in our quality swimwear fabrics. We are a committed partner to healthyseas.org to collect drifting or ‘ghost’ nets. Fact: ghost nets make up 48% of the waste deposited at the great Pacific Garbage Patch. Drifting nets entangle & kill seals, turtles, sea mammals and fish- so every time you make a purchase from us- you are helping ocean conservation and will #SaveOurOceans

In addition- our fabrics use waste reducing printing and dying techniques, and certified Oekotex and vegan-meaning no harmful chemicals are used.

RubyMoon will not send anything priority mail because the environmental cost of that can negate our impact- so please be patient enough to wait 3 to 5 days. We prefer pre-ordering where possible, as this means zero waste. We never send our production goods by air & you will not find any unnecessary packaging, swing tags or labels anywhere near our products.


100% of our net profit makes micro credit loans to women entrepreneurs in 13 countries to start up and build their own businesses. Women are the change makers in developing societies: when women are empowered to be able to hold assets or gain incomes, family money is more likely to be spent on nutrition, medicine, housing and consequently children are happier and healthier. Women’s status in their community is elevated in places where sometimes they have had no rights, even over their own children.

Micro credit is relatively small amounts of money, when combined, can make a life transforming change; generating an income enabling families to find their own route out of poverty.

Look here to see just who we are helping with our loans, facilitated by the leading charity CARE International. Here are some wonderful case studies provided by Fotodocument.org When the loans are returned to RubyMoon we invest in more products so that we can help a greater number of women each year. RubyMoon is on a mission to loan to over 1000 vulnerable women before 2021.

Please help us to give women a hand up not a handout.

Local impact: use a registered charity to send out our deliveries. And offer internships in sustainable design and marketing- from a unique, social enterprise point of view.


Our soft fabric has been developed to last longer- be stronger, more resistant to chlorine, salt, sun and sea water- because the greatest environmental & economical impact you can make is to prolong the life of your garment.

As a registered Community Interest Company, RubyMoon are dedicated to full circular economy. We are re-claiming used swimwear & other stretch fabrics to re-use. Please help us close the loop by sending us any used swimwear pieces and we will email you a special code for 5% your next purchase.


RubyMoon products are designed by lingerie specialists with more than 40 years combined experience. We know how to make our garments fit and wear with superb durability to allow for an optimal environmental & economical impact for you. The fabric we use contains Xtra Life Lycra and is chlorine resistant for more than 100 hours of exposure.

We work in collaboration with talented decorative artist Sarah Arnett who designs all our wonderful prints. We consider the stitching, seams and finishing to make our products perfect- whether you want to be by the pool- or have a big work-out!

Our Team

RubyMoon is a passionate group of employees and volunteers who want to make a difference through their work

Jo-Anne Godden – Design & Product Development

After 25 years working in the unsustainable fashion industry, Jo decided to become part of the solution, not part of the problem! She founded RubyMoon, and named it after her grandmother who inspired her.

Fashion and textiles is second only to the oil industry for creating pollution and it also employs 1/6th of the global workforce (mainly women paid under the living wage & subjected to modern slavery). This is the industry that has the most substantial potential to change. Particularly for women and by women- who make 70% of consumer choices. Jo believes that how we vote with our money is the most effective agent for good.

Jo is a lingerie and swimwear specialist, a mother and activist. She loves to swim and the beach is her favourite place!


Martina Ankenbrand – Marketing Manager

With an MSc in Marketing from Brunel University London in 2013, Martina gained most of her technical marketing experience in her role as B2B Senior Marketing Executive at a leading SaaS brand in the UK media intelligence industry. Most recently, Martina volunteered as Head of Events for a non-profit social enterprise, based in the San Francisco Bay Area. This allowed her to follow her personal interest to gain a deeper understanding of the social innovation and social entrepreneurship space.

Martina loves to hike and recently discovered horse riding through the California mountains! If not out in nature, she loves to paint with acrylic and oil colours.


Laura-Louise Mahler – Brand Ambassador

Laura is Founder of Film The Change, a group of filmmakers focusing on environmental documentaries. She has a MRes in Environmental Research from King’s College London, has presented her work internationally and has a passion for discovering and sharing innovative solutions to environmental challenges.

She’s a keen rower, and loves to train in her Ruby Moon gym wear!

You can follow her work and get in touch here @filmthechange (Instagram)


Afonso Soromenho – Digital Marketing & Design.

Afonso is a software engineer & CEO of Dressit, a Portuguese fashion and A.I. startup.

He has worked in designing Web and mobile applications with Samsung and Microsoft, and is the winner of the ANJE Startup Accelerator.

His other passions are travel and photography.




Mi Elfverson – Photographer & Videographer

Mi Elfverson is a Swedish video producer and commercial photographer ho started in film and television 25 years ago. She is the founder of The Vlog Academy, which offers training and implemented strategy in video blogging.

After completing her studies at the New York Film Academy and Stockholm Film School, Mi has been working with top ranked advertising agencies and directors around the world, on productions ranging from Kellogg’s advertisements to James Bond films.


Atlanta Cook – Brand Ambassador

Atlanta is a former Director of Surfers Against Sewage (SAS).  Back in ‘91 she helped set up SAS Brighton, in 1997 she became a Media Rep and set up SAS North Devon in 2000 to facilitate a new sewage treatment works at Baggy Point. She is now an Honorary Life Member and promotes SAS’s original Clean Seas Campaign objective whenever and wherever she can.

Rubymoon Gym To Swim shares SAS’s ethos by offering a solution to global pollution by capturing ghost fishing gear, reprocessing it and putting it back into the economy as beautiful highly durable ECONYL based sports and leisure wear. Finding a use for the nylon dumped or lost at sea by the fishing industry is an essential element of the Global Ghost Gear Initiative which drives economically viable and sustainable solutions to the problem of ghost fishing gear globally.

India – Brand Ambassador

India has a passion for life and started her journey at a young age travelling to South Africa for animal voluntary work, giving her the taste for travel and adventure. Recently she travelled around Australia living sustainably and off grid in a van, whilst volunteering at influential Projects. The ocean has always been the key element in her life and on her return the UK she has engaged in volunteering closely with Surfers Against Sewage, A Drop in the Ocean and RubyMoon, whilst working as a Fund Raiser for Greenpeace promoting the plight of plastics in the world.


Would you like to know more? Please email hello@rubymoon.org.uk

Love, RubyMoon x

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