How to Adopt a Minimalist Approach to Fashion

This months guest blog is from the wonderful Allie Cooper.

Minimalism is not so much a fashion approach as it is a lifestyle. This is because it entails owning only essential items, which means having a wardrobe with a few clothing pieces that can be mixed and matched. To embrace the concept of “less is more”, here’s how you can adjust
your wardrobe:

Invest in wardrobe staples

In building your wardrobe, considering getting items such as a plain white t-shirt, trench coat, and trousers. This is to ensure that you have the appropriate clothes for any occasion, be it a formal event, a casual day out, or chilly weather. If you need ideas on which essential items to
own, you can refer to Vogue’s 50 Classic Pieces guide.  

Build your colour palette

When going for minimalist fashion, choosing your colours is important. Fashion experts recommend investing first in neutral hues, such as black, white, and grey, because they usually go with anything. Once you have these fall back options, you can then experiment with other colours.

Prioritise quality

Every clothing piece counts in a minimalist wardrobe, that’s why each item has to last long. And while price can be an indicator of a higher quality, it’s not always the case. There are affordable clothing pieces that could last for a decade, so it’s just a matter of having an eye for good
fabrics or knowledge of brands that provide a reasonable balance of price and quality.

Look for inspiration

It doesn’t hurt to borrow some ideas from renowned fashionistas, especially if the minimalist style doesn’t come naturally to you. For ideas on what to wear, consider Catherine Summers’ list of minimalist fashion bloggers, because these persons have fully embraced minimalist movement and put their own unique spin to it. For instance, you can check out Ivana from Aesthetic Lines. Her style may be considered eclectic because of her velvets, fluffy knits and pleats, but they’re minimalist nonetheless.

Ditch any ‘just in case’ clothing

Many girls can relate to hoarding pieces of clothing that they have yet to wear. For a minimalist wardrobe, however, one should only focus on daily clothes. If you bought a beautiful summer dress but have never actually worn on a day out, then it’s time to say goodbye to it. Pretty Me suggests ditching any piece you haven’t worn in the last six months, because chances are you’ll never wear these items or will only use them for one particular event. Keep only the clothes you usually wear.

Know your signature style

Defining a signature style can give you an idea about which clothing to invest in. A signature look doesn’t necessarily mean wearing the same outfit over and over. The Lifestyle Files mentioned that signature styles are not just about functionality, but creativity and versatility as well. It’s all about how can you make an outfit look fresh while still be in line with your personal tastes. After all, dressing in a uniform style signals a step towards a chic, smart and financially savvy lifestyle.


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