HOW TO: Host a Vegan Summer Garden Party!


It’s no secret that summer is our favourite season. Days by the beach, walks in the sun, and of course – evening garden parties. But at RubyMoon, we love animals just as much as parties, so have been doing some research into which kinds of foods to serve to make sure our evening do is cruelty-free.

So, here’s a collection of some of our finds! There’s a section for everyone; whether you’re health-conscious, short on time, looking for some unique ideas or catering for the whole family – we’ve compiled our FAVOURITE vegan recipes for your summer garden party!



HEALTHY: At just 35 calories each, these egg-free mini quiches seemed too tasty to say no to!

EASY: A must-have for a garden dinner, this tomato pasta salad looks pretty simple to make.

DIFFERENT: Mexican potato skins, again relatively easy but quite unique.

FAMILY-FRIENDLY: And for the kids, smoky mini pizzas that can be topped with anything you fancy!


HEALTHY: A relatively healthy option, fruit salad – again, easily changeable to suit your tastes.

EASY: With just ten minutes prep time, lemon tarts are another summer favourite.

DIFFERENT: Banana and coconut cookies – an interesting combination of three ingredients that really works.

FAMILY-FRIENDLY: The combination of orange and carrot in these fruit juice lollies adds a few more vitamins into pudding!


HEALTHY: Although cocktails will never be overly healthy, this recipe for a pinot grigio melon ball spritzer contains four different types of fruit!

EASY: Here’s a mango and pineapple rum punch which only needs mixing together and you’re good to go!

DIFFERENT: A cocktail with only a hint of alcohol, pomegranate gin fizz is a lovely light choice for summer.

FAMILY-FRIENDLY: This two-step passionfruit syrup cocktail can easily be converted into a mocktail for the children.

And your final three ingredients? Plenty of iced water, a chilled music playlist (we’re loving this one), and some good company!

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