Inspiring & Impactful: Majeeda Bibi

Majeeda Bibi is a mother and an entrepenuer from Pakistan- here is her touching story.

Years ago, Majeeda and her family were on the brink of desperation as they were left with only 60 rupees (around 0.65 GBP). Her husband’s wages were not enough for them to survive; they had no food and many days they would only live off water.

Thankfully, with a microloan, supplied by, Majeeda managed to turn her and her family’s life around by starting a decoration making business.

Today, Majeeda not only is seen as a hero by her family, but she’s also become a very important part of her community as she employs local women and has helped others in setting up their own businesses through the available loans.

Learn more about Majeeda’s story in our new, and very first animation ⬇️

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