Inspiring & Impactful: Majeeda Bibi

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Case study and photography provided by FotoDocument/Shai Chishty

Majeeda Bibi is 58 years old, wife and mother to 3 sons, lives in a rented apartment in Badami Bagh in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan, with her family. Majeeda is an incredible successful story.

Majeeda’s husband’s wages from work at the vegetable market were not enough to survive, meals were irregular, and many days would go by where they only drank water. 9 years ago when her youngest son Ishaq, only 6 years old at the time, had a serious accident that left him in a wheelchair. At this point, with only 60Rs in her pocket (less than 50p), Majeeda decided to turn around the family situation.

Thanks to a microloan, Majeeda established a decoration making business, that has thrived with key buyers and regular customers.

Now, Majeeda is herself a donor to microfinance each month. She employs local women and has also supported others in setting up their own businesses through the available loans.

Today, the family have all that they need including good schooling for Ishaq who they are able to afford to send to a specialist school via a daily rickshaw which picks and drops him. Ishaq has been given the opportunity to excel and he has proven some real talent in wheelchair racing coming 2nd in the whole of Punjab. He now has dreams of competing in the Paralympic Games and Majeeda is saving up to buy him a new wheelchair to race in.

Due to the business success and her religious beliefs, each year at the Eidal Adha festival, Majeeda distributes meat to the whole village, a tradition usually only the rich can afford to do.

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