Inspiring & Impactful: Maria Dolores

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We want to share each empowering story with you, with everyone that journeys with us. Case studies and photogaphy provided by FotoDocument/Ana Caroline Lima

Whether at home, at the farm, selling at the family’s shop or at the weekly street market with fellow indigenous farmers in El Cercado, Northern Ecuador: Maria Dolores does not stop. Maria lives with Pablo, her husband, and three of their four children. Her day begins before the sunrise, she goes outside and burns some dry twigs to produce smoke — a traditional practice that prevents the crops from being damaged by the frost.

“My grandmother taught me how to do to it. You have to know where the wind is blowing and must do it early in the morning.” – Maria shares.

Depending on the day, you can find Maria working in their farm, taking care of animals (cows, pigs, chicken, and dogs), selling their farm grown vegetables door to door, at the street market or at the family’s shop in Quiroga, a small town 30 minutes away from their village. Maria’s days end after watching a soap opera on TV. Over the years, Maria and Pablo learned how to cope with the climate of Ecuador by planting different things. The family has eight lots at their farm and plant many types of vegetable and fruits, such as tomarillos that will be sold at their stall the next day. However, they need money to buy seeds, water the plants, feed the animals, and hire people to plant and harvest.

“One of my sons is already at university, but I have three more.” Their younger daughter wants to be a doctor, the younger son, an actor, and although their older daughter has passed the admission exams for university the family can’t afford it. As she can’t find a job in Ecuador, she plans to move to Colombia to look for work.

“It is hard to see your children struggling to find work, passing an exam and not having money to pay for it. That is why we have to be strong.” says Maria Dolores.





Thanks to microfinance, Maria Dolores and her family are able to maintain & grow the family business and get extra help to work on the farm.  RubyMoon is proud to have made 250 loans to women like Maria Dolores to create impact together with LendwithCare Every time you purchase a a product from us we can make a loan to a woman entreprenuer- it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

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