Inspiring & Impactful: Susana Genson

RubyMoon gives 100% of our net profits to women entrepreneurs as microloans across 13 developing countries.

We want to share each empowering story with you, with everyone that journeys with us. Case study and photography provided by FotoDocument/Veejay Villafrance

Visayas, in the Philippines, is known as one of the sources of quality souvenir production. This industry has also faced challenging times after the Asian financial crisis in the late 90s.

Back then, Susana Genson from Agsungot, Cebu city, had to cut down on her operations and let go of her staff. She opted for a slow but steady comeback by harnessing the trust she built with her customers from Europe and the US with an emphasis on indigenous designs and local materials. 

Susana’s unique products give her an advantage, so she kept the production running in small batches and after a few successful shipments, she decided to upscale and applied for a loan from Lamac Cooperative to meet the demand. 

Thanks to the financial boost, Susana kept a prosperous business and created a positive impact for the women in the local community, employing them with a home-based business model which allows them to assemble the products in their houses, have an income without being separated from their children.

Now Susana is positive about the business, wishes to steadily expand her operations and eventually create her own brand of souvenirs. Moreover, she feels fulfilled working with the women in her village and is able to create an income for her, her family and the wider community.


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