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Creative Conscience Interview with RubyMoon’s Founder Jo

RubyMoon founder Jo Godden The Creative Conscience Awards are a ‘platform for innovative ideas that encompass world changing creativity’ and RubyMoon’s founder Jo was one of this year’s judges. As RubyMoon is founded on sustainability, working with the Creative Conscience team was an excellent opportunity for us. Below is a snippet of the interview, you can read the full piece here. What is the single most interesting brief you’ve worked on during your career? The work I do now with my ethical swimwear company has been the most challenging for me, but also the most rewarding. Like the CCA brief I started with an open opportunity, but also one that […]


Welcome to RubyMoon!

Hello and welcome to RubyMoon   Launched in 2011, RubyMoon Swimwear is an ethical fashion business that has to date helped over 100 women entrepreneurs across the developing world launch their own businesses, allowing them to find a route out of poverty for themselves, their families and in the longer term their communities. ‘RubyMoon Swimwear is all about women helping other women’, comments founder, Jo Godden. ‘100% of our profits are donated to form micro-loans to help women in the developing world set up their own businesses. I am extremely proud that we have so far helped 100 women do this and our mission is to help 1000 women by […]

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