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Burquini’s To Go!

A lot has been said over the last couple of weeks about many French towns banning modest swimwear from their beaches – but the truth of the matter is that no-one has the right to tell anyone else what to wear on the beach! Unfortunately the whole thing reeks of white male supremist behaviour! The Burquini was designed so that women can be more active in the water and it’s perfect for that whatever your faith. Here are some of our modest pieces, please let us know what you think? We just these released to the market- and 100% of the profit is donated to women entrepreneurs Sharia micro finance […]


RubyMoon’s Feature on the Guardian Online!

Today RubyMoon was featured on the Guardian’s Sustainable Business section of their website!  The page we are featured on uses a photo gallery to profile 8 different surf brands, including us, that are finding ways to regenerate and repurpose ocean waste to make products.  We are featured as a result of our using ECONYL® regenerated yarn in our products, which is made from lost or abandoned fishing nets collected from the sea bed, and spun into new fabric to make the beautiful RubyMoon swim and active wear products.  Follow this link to see the feature for yourself, if you haven’t already! Favorite

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