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Sometimes people and places can really inspire us. As an Italian on the Erasmus programme, this is my second week in Brighton and I have learnt so much! Particularly when I met the very personable Siobhan Wilson, owner of the Fair Shop, in Queens Road, Brighton and I interviewed her on a busy afternoon in between customers. To understand Siobhan and the ideology behind her store it is important to understand the “Fair Lifestyle’.     Siobhan opened her shop with other 3 partners in 2008 as a pop-up store that never closed! With a background in humanity and development, Siobhan had become to be interested in fair trade since […]


The True Cost of Fur

Winter is on its way which means the high street is filling up with fur trimmed coats, bobble hats and other items with supposedly faux fur additions. Unfortunately, a lot of these items are coming from factories in China and other countries where there are less regulations regarding animal welfare and the use of fur products. This has led to an influx of real fur items being labelled and sold as faux fur. Shops that have been selling real fur mislabelled as faux fur include Missguided, Debenhams, Forever 21 and House of Fraser. There are also a lot of stores that are happily selling real fur. Canada Goose for example, […]

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