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How to Adopt a Minimalist Approach to Fashion

This months guest blog is from the wonderful Allie Cooper. https://about.me/Allie.Cooper Minimalism is not so much a fashion approach as it is a lifestyle. This is because it entails owning only essential items, which means having a wardrobe with a few clothing pieces that can be mixed and matched. To embrace the concept of “less is more”, here’s how you can adjust your wardrobe: Invest in wardrobe staples In building your wardrobe, considering getting items such as a plain white t-shirt, trench coat, and trousers. This is to ensure that you have the appropriate clothes for any occasion, be it a formal event, a casual day out, or chilly weather. […]


New GymToSwim Collection

We are launching our new innovative GymToSwim ® Collection online only and as part of the Brighton Beach Collective pop-up store at The FAIR Shop in Brighton from May 4th, 2018!  The capsule collection is designed to be worn both for exercise and as swimwear, making it unique in the marketplace, and is made up of a beautiful collection of premium ‘mix and match’ sports separates providing versatility with style. RubyMoon believes women are not limited to one type of sport or workout, and their outfits shouldn’t be either, but should be as adaptable as the women that wear them. This is reflected in the exciting and multi-functional collection we have developed, which […]


Empowering Women Entrepreneurs Worldwide

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs Worldwide is an exciting photography exhibition that highlights the work of  Lendwithcare.org, an initiative of leading aid and development charity CARE International UK, which empowers entrepreneurs to work their way out of poverty with dignity through the provision of micro-lending and business skills training. This project visually illustrates how microfinance can provide lasting social and economic impact and change through aesthetically stunning photo essays. This exhibition is part of CARE’s wider #March4Women campaign which is a month of action for gender equality. The exhibition is free and held at the Oxo Tower Gallery in London until Sunday March 11th where you will have the chance to view and purchase […]



#PlasticPatrol is one woman’s nationwide campaign to tackle the global issue of plastic pollution -Lizzie Carr, also known as Lizzie Outside on her blog and social media, is a phenomenal woman and an inspiration. After a cancer diagnosis at the age of 25, Lizzie took up paddle boarding after having seen someone else out on the water, finding it calming and peaceful, and saw it as a way of restoring her health and fitness. It wasn’t until she came back home and started paddle boarding on the waterways she realised how drastic the problem of plastic pollution is. 80% of marine debris starts from inland sources, such as our canals […]

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