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RubyMoon is proud to be a partner on the the Brighton Beach Collective.

The Brighton Beach Collective is launching an innovative exhibition and installation showcasing a variety of ethical and sustainable products following a beach or beach-waste theme. Showing from May 4th– June 4th2018 at The FAIR Shop in Brighton, 21 Queen’s Road, BN1 3XA. The BBC is formed of a group of artists and designers working ethically and sustainably that will be featured in both The Brighton Fringe Festival and Brighton’s Artists Open House Trail. Set against a backdrop of today’s beach summer living, the Collective presents a variety of ideas that are inspiring solutions to combat ever-growing environmental and societal issues, with an emphasis on ocean conservation. If you want to […]


Illustrating a children’s book made from recycled ocean plastic

Charity Waste Free Oceans has created the environmentally friendly book in collaboration with illustrator Chervelle Fryer and tech company Teijin.             Welsh illustrator Chervelle Fryer and Japanese technology company Teijin have helped bring to life a children’s book produced entirely from recycled ocean plastic. The Ocean Plastic Book project was conceived by environmental charity Waste Free Oceans, in collaboration with advertising agency Jung von Matt. The idea for the book came about based on research showing that more than 8 billion kilograms of plastic waste ends up in our seas and oceans every year, and by 2050 it is estimated that there will be more […]

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