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Northern Ecuador Woman

Inspiring & Impactful: Maria Dolores

RubyMoon gives 100% of the net profits to women entrepreneurs as microloans across 13 developing countries. We want to share each empowering story with you, with everyone that journeys with us. Case studies and photogaphy provided by FotoDocument/Ana Caroline Lima Whether at home, at the farm, selling at the family’s shop or at the weekly street market with fellow indigenous farmers in El Cercado, Northern Ecuador: Maria Dolores does not stop. Maria lives with Pablo, her husband, and three of their four children. Her day begins before the sunrise, she goes outside and burns some dry twigs to produce smoke — a traditional practice that prevents the crops from being […]

Eco Christmas

Top Tips For An Eco Christmas

How to keep reducing your ecological footprint during this high consumption time of the year For the holiday season the BBC has provided a useful list of 9 ways to stay away from plastic: Reduce on the glossy wrapping paper Give up the tinsel Hold off from the Christmas coffee cup Reconsider eating fish Prepare your lunch box Shop at plastic-free supermarkets Eat waste-free crakers Make your own toiletries and offer them as gifts Have a tote bag at all times And we have added one more, very important tip! Order ethical and sustainable Christmas gifts And this is where RubyMoon helps! This article tells us that 46% of ocean […]

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