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These Boots Will Make You (UN)HAPPY!

Yesterday I recieved an email from M&S promising that ‘These boots will make you HAPPY’, I eagerly opened up the link expecting something really special- and there they were, the ‘HAPPY FEET- trend-led vegan approved boots are a great ethical style choice.‘ Vegan boots? Upon closer inspection- these were completely made of synthetics….yes, PLASTIC! Back in the day when M&S was actually a trendsetter in R&D of new fabrics and concepts, they would have used veganism as a catalyst to develop new trademarked vegan fabrics and materials- but instead we are offered a selection of, ‘For footwear designed with thought, turn to our edit of vegan footwear. Not only is […]


Inspiring & Impactful: Majeeda Bibi

RubyMoon gives 100% of our net profits to women entrepreneurs as microloans across 13 developing countries. We want to share each empowering story with you, with everyone that journeys with us. Case study and photography provided by FotoDocument/Shai Chishty Majeeda Bibi is 58 years old, wife and mother to 3 sons, lives in a rented apartment in Badami Bagh in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan, with her family. Majeeda is an incredible successful story. Majeeda’s husband’s wages from work at the vegetable market were not enough to survive, meals were irregular, and many days would go by where they only drank water. 9 years ago when her youngest son Ishaq, only 6 […]


A Loving Valentine´s Day!

In an interesting time of endless connections, shorter distances, open information, and immortal futures, choose this moment. Choose Now. Have a date with yourself. Play your favourite song and dance, take a long warm bath, cook for yourself or go to that restaurant you´ve been wanting to try, wear something that makes you feel great. However you decide to get ready, make sure you get in the mood for love! Start with you. Start here, breathe deeply and fully. Make peace with the incredible being you are. Supply yourself, consciously with Air. A movement from within. Breathe out, feel the warmth, sigh, acknowledge the Fire inside, coming out. Recognise and […]


Oceans & Oceans of Microfibres: Time To Clean Up Our Act!

In October 2018, one of the European e-commerce platforms on which RubyMoon is featured, banned all polyester clothing – unless it is recycled.  With 35% of all plastic in the ocean being attributed to tiny plastic particles that are washed off of clothing, the issue of plastic pollution is becoming increasingly relevant and urgent. We were wondering if this is the beginning of the end for synthetic fabrics? Alexandra Reece investigates. Consumers are aware of the polluting impact of plastic on the environment, but what if by washing our clothes responsibly we could start cleaning up the problem? It was just a few years ago that consumers were made aware […]

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