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palestinian woman entreprenuer

Inspiring & Impactful: Yasmeen Al-Deen

RubyMoon gives 100% of our net profits to women entrepreneurs as microloans across 14 developing countries. We want to share each empowering story with you, with everyone that journeys with us. Case study and photography provided by Lendwithcare.org. Yasmeen Zain Al-Deen is 27 years old, lives in Majdal Bani Fadel, Nablus in Palestine, and runs a hairdressing salon with her business partner. Their salon offers haircuts, styling, make-up, dye, and skin care. They have built up a good reputation and are attracting clients from all around the city. Now is time to expand the business and so Yasmeen requested a loan to buy new equipment that will cost more than $5,000, […]

AUB Human Bourenmouth

Arts University Bournemouth- THE ‘HUMAN’ SYMPOSIUM

On March 5th, Our Founder Jo Godden, was invited to talk at the AUB ‘Human’ Symposium at their campus in Poole. This was an amazing opportunity to talk to students about ‘Circles of Impact- How the circular economy can be applied to Fashion & Textiles.’   There were some interesting presentations and here are some of them: Wouldn’t it be great if everyone worked together to make the world a little greener?  Chloe Harty, Vice President, AUBSU   Inspired to hear about how the Student Union at AUB is incorporating green thinking into practise with a ‘green week’, a zero-waste marketplace and an eco-brick project that educates about single use plastic […]

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