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To boycott or not to boycott? – That is the question

With the fashion industry producing nearly 100 billion pieces of clothing each year, it’s no surprise that it’s one of the largest contributors to global warming. The UN recently reported that the unprecedented rate and scale of climate change could be more catastrophic to the world than previously predicted. The Facts This week our colleague Jessica researched the extensive damage that the fashion industry is doing to our environment and what we can do to transform consumer behaviour. Here are some of the shocking statistics: Did you know? The fashion industry uses around 98 million tonnes of non-renewable resources each year. More than 1 million tonnes of materials are wasted […]

Parkour leggings multicoloured size M

Keep the Oceans #PlasticFree, wear RubyMoon

There is something about summer that is quite magical, everyone finds a good excuse to be outdoors. So we decided to enjoy the weather and headed to the sea front with our Active Ambassadors ! The sea is where the RubyMoon journey begins – the immense blue we want to protect and keep clean by collecting ghost fishing nets to make our high quality active and swim wear. Flattering and functional pieces for #ActiveWomen, committed to making this world a better place through conscious choices. Every single purchase empowers at least one woman in a developing country. Each piece is named after a woman supported with a business loan – […]


Happy #WorldOceansDay

Today we are celebrating our beautiful blue ocean that connects us all. World Oceans Day serves as a reminder to help protect and conserve our seas. Did you know that a healthy ocean is critical to our survival – it generates oxygen, feeds us, regulates the climate, cleans the water we drink and provides medicine! Here are a few ways in which RubyMoon is helping to clean the ocean and protect our environment. ECONYL® nylon yarn from used fishing nets RubyMoon chooses sustainable materials – ECONYL® nylon yarn, from used fishing nets and other regenerated material, is used in our quality swimwear fabrics. Partner with healthyseas.org to collect drifting nets […]

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