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Parkour leggings multicoloured size M

Keep the Oceans #PlasticFree, wear RubyMoon

There is something about summer that is quite magical, everyone finds a good excuse to be outdoors. So we decided to enjoy the weather and headed to the sea front with our Active Ambassadors ! The sea is where the RubyMoon journey begins – the immense blue we want to protect and keep clean by collecting ghost fishing nets to make our high quality active and swim wear. Flattering and functional pieces for #ActiveWomen, committed to making this world a better place through conscious choices. Every single purchase empowers at least one woman in a developing country. Each piece is named after a woman supported with a business loan – […]


Happy #WorldOceansDay

Today we are celebrating our beautiful blue ocean that connects us all. World Oceans Day serves as a reminder to help protect and conserve our seas. Did you know that a healthy ocean is critical to our survival – it generates oxygen, feeds us, regulates the climate, cleans the water we drink and provides medicine! Here are a few ways in which RubyMoon is helping to clean the ocean and protect our environment. ECONYL® nylon yarn from used fishing nets RubyMoon chooses sustainable materials – ECONYL® nylon yarn, from used fishing nets and other regenerated material, is used in our quality swimwear fabrics. Partner with healthyseas.org to collect drifting nets […]

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