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Trends are dead. Long live trends.

“Fashion” can be defined as a variety of things. Originating from the French “façon”, “la manière”, meaning “a certain way”, “style, manner” it is used to describe many different aspects of today’s culture. Most agree that the term fashion describes a certain change. In our society, it is most commonly associated with clothing. This is (in part) due to the nature of the industry. The process of producing garments – from design to sale, is much quicker and cheaper compared to the automobile or furniture industry, for example. This is also the reason why (primarily in western countries) clothing fashions are actually designed to have a short lifespan. This development […]


Waves of Wisdom : Why do RubyMoon Active Ambassadors love SUP?

Ocean Lovers This week’s blog post is for the ocean lovers! Earlier this month, we decided to try something new and have a go at some Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) in Brighton. We were led by two highly experienced SUP boarders: Sara & Lee, who are also both Active Ambassadors here at RubyMoon! Lee was actually one of the first paddleboarders here on the south coast and encoraged others to get involved in the world of water sports! We managed to get a few photos to show you guys… Paddle off into the Sunset SUP is a great way to start to build your confidence in the water. It’s […]



To celebrate the crescent moon on August 7th (the same moon that is featured in our logo), we decided to gather a few enthusiastic swimmers for our first ever #RubyMoonMindfulSwim – a mindfulness session followed by a swim in the ocean. Our meeting point, the Brighton bandstand, was taken over by some salsa dancers and so we moved further down the beach to a quieter spot to begin our conscious breathing experience led by Dawn Wilson. Dawn is a hypnotherapist and healthy food chef who has studies a range of holistic practices and cognitive therapies. More recently she has focussed on breathing techniques to unleash the power of the conscious […]


Brighton Pride: a LGBTQ protest or a commercial pile of rubbish?

To Party or To Protest?’ The highly anticipated Brighton Pride took place last weekend and I was among the 250,000 people who attended the annual event, commemorating the fight for the human rights of the LGBTQ community. Shortly after the rainbow parade of self expression, Brighton was left covered in gas canisters and plastic trash. There was hardly any indication of the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising that ignited the original protest that paved the way for LGBTQ political activism. It seems that, increasingly Brighton Pride has become a commodified booze boat for the world to sail away in- without acknowledging that Pride is in fact […]

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