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Capsule wardrobe

The Capsule Wardrobe Meets Gym To Swim ®

The idea of de-cluttering and forming a unique, small capsule wardrobe is not new, but gaining in popularity. The ethical implications are clear Having less clothing results in way less waste, less consumption and way less stress! – so of course, we also wanted to highlight how our own Gym to Swim ® collection is designed and produced to require less pieces- with a focus on sports, swimming and a holiday vibe. If you’re heading off anywhere you always want to pack as few things as possible.  Nothing more liberating than taking a small back pack rather than a big heavy suitcase!   Recommended Pippa Moyle, founder of both Pippa Says  and the City Girl Network which […]

Plastic period


In the run up to Environmenstrual Week, City to Sea are running a video and digital campaign highlighting the connection between our ocean, plastic pollution and our periods. Their dramatic and stylish short film is produced by 2 female directors and features sports-women on the water. By amplifying the voices of sportswomen leading the way in sport and female empowerment, they can highlight one simple way that people can reduce single-use plastic in their lives. After releasing their awareness-raising film they will be carrying out a retailer campaign, putting pressure on high-street chains to increase access to-and availability of plastic-free period products on the high-street. City to Sea is an environmental, not-for-profit organisation campaigning to stop plastic pollution –from the city to our […]

Lily Stuart eXXpedition Leg 5

All- Female Crew Go All- Around The World

ALL-FEMALE CREW SET FOR PLASTIC POLLUTION CIRCUMNAVIGATION RubyMoon are proud to sponsor Lily Stuart on the eXXpedition Round the World Voyage  which sets sail from Plymouth, UK today, October 8th and will sail through some of the most important and diverse marine environments on the planet. This includes crossing four of the five oceanic gyres, where ocean plastic is known to accumulate, and the Arctic on board 73ft sailing vessel S.V. TravelEdge. The all-female crew is preparing to embark on a two-year eXXpedition sailing research mission around the world to investigate the causes of and solutions to ocean plastic pollution. We will be closely following Lily on the December Leg […]

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