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Are Black Friday bargains worth it?

Who doesn’t love snagging a good bargain? Saving a few quid here and there? You’d be crazy not to love Black Friday’s insane deals, right? But ask yourself, are bargains worth the environmental impact of overconsumption and impulse buying so central to Black Friday’s success?  The answer is no, in case anyone had doubts. Popular fashion retailers spend massive amounts of time, energy, and money to lure you in during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Many of these retailers, including Vero Moda, C&A, Forever 21 and Esprit rely heavily on synthetic materials such as polyester to make some of their garments. Here are just a few of the ways in […]


We Are Hiring! Seeking Co-Founder/CEO

CEO/Co-Founder Are you a professional who really wants to make a positive difference yet be part of an exciting, proven lifestyle brand? Do you want to be instrumental & lead the business into new territory and profitability? Do you have a solid grasp of financial modeling, are you passionate about making change, are you a risk-taker and a believer in the changing consumer/citizen landscape? If you are hungry for success and want to take ownership of a brand to push it to the next level of investment funding- this could be the opportunity for you. RubyMoon is looking for an ambitious leader to become a fully invested Co-Founder/CEO to drive […]

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