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Female eXXpedition Fights Plastic Epidemic

Guest post from Lily Stuart In December 2019, I was lucky enough to join Leg 5 of eXXpedition Round the World supported with swimwear from RubyMoon. eXXpedition’s goal is to make the unseen seen by creating a global ocean plastic data set and promoting women in STEM. Leg 5 sailed from Aruba to Panama taking samples of ocean plastic and learning about the challenges small island nations face with waste management. The eXXpedition Round the World science programme applies the same methods and controls the world over to give a clearer picture of the challenge we face. The sampling focuses not only on surface plastic but also that in the […]

Catherine Conway

Changemakers 2020: Catherine Conway’s Zero Waste Business

Photo Credit: Max Diamond January’s edition of The Big Issue focuses on the Top 100 Changemakers in 2020. I was interested in finding an inspiring pioneer dealing with current environmental problems and discovered Catherine Conway, an amazing woman changing views on plastic packaging to improve ocean waste and sustainable living. From Market Stall to Pioneering Business In her 20s, Catherine became aware of the problem of plastic packaging, water pollution and waste accumulation. As an early adopter, she opened a small market stall in London selling unpackaged dry food and goods-from rice to cleaning products. There was interest right from the start. People with the same mindset as Catherine would bring […]

Lucia and Lucia

Inspiring & Impactful: Lucia Mudima

RubyMoon empowers women through small loans to help them start or grow their own business. We do this through Lendwithcare.org where we select the women we invest in, who have stories that inspire us. Some of our garments are named after these women- take Lucia for example: Our bestselling Lucia boy shorts are comfortable, soft, stretchy, vegan, durable as well as chlorine, sunlight and saltwater resistant. But behind this garment hides the protagonist of the show: Lucia. Lucia Mudima is a widow living in the Mandeya area of Honde Valley in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe. Before she could access her loan, she undertook financial training at Thrive Microfinance, enabling […]

Parkour leggings

Fit For Our Future?

New Year Resolutions It’s 10 days in,  the holidays are over and the much awaited festive season has come and gone in a blink of an eye. It’s back to work, but it’s not all bad! A new year has begun, with new resolutions and goals for short-term or long-term achievements and fulfilling aspirations. What did you choose? To start a new hobby, get a new job or pursue a healthier lifestyle? The most popular new year resolutions involve some sort of well-being goal: lose weight, exercise and/or eat healthier.  This is because after days on end of constant drinking, eating and sleeping people tend to realize that it’s time […]

Microfinance impact


Empowering Women Worldwide by Supporting Female Entrepreneurs in Developing Countries through lendwithcare.org RubyMoon is really proud to announce our impact so far!  An incredible 1016 Entreprenuers have been assisted via small loans to make their dreams a reality through their own small business. Investing in women is important as they typically focus on the important factors for development- housing, nutrition and education- meaning the children and wider community is affected positively- and the woman herself becomes empowered to plan for her future, and gain a voice where she may not have rights, even over her own children. This is Jenny Vallejo, a farmer and cattle raiser from Carchi, Northern Ecuador. […]

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