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Inspiring & Impactful: Maria Rasheed

RubyMoon loans 100% of its net profits to women entrepreneurs in 14 developing countries. We share each story with you, from each woman that journeys with us. Case study and beautiful photography provided by FotoDocument/Shai Chishty Meet Maria Rasheed, a 24 year old young entrepreneur from Kot Khawaja Saeed in Pakistan. This is a story about loss, life, initiative  and the strength found in family. After being married for only 35 days, Marias´ husband (in the book of photos above) suddenly died of a heart attack. Soon after this devastating event, Maria found out she was pregnant. Still grieving and in shock, she decided to return to her family who […]


Inspiring & Impactful: Jenny Vallejo

RubyMoon loans 100% of its net profits to women entrepreneurs in 14 developing countries. We share each story with you, from each woman that journeys with us. Case study and beautiful photography provided by FotoDocument/Ana Caroline de Lima Meet Jenny Vallejo who lives with her husband and their two kids in Carchi province, Northern Ecuador. Jenny has been working as a farmer and raising cattle since she got married, 12 years ago. She grows a diverse range of plants, such as corn, beans, and barley. In Ecuador, there are two seasons: the dry and wet season. This is the reason why Jenny decided to build a small dam to gather […]


Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind: Who Made Your Clothes?

For Fashion Revolution week I wanted to share a recent visit to the Tenement Museum in Manhattan – Founded in 1988 by historian Ruth Abram and social activist Anita Jacobsen, the museum tours explore the uniquely American story of immigration and the rich, diverse landscape it continues to create. The Museum took root when Abram and Jacobsen discovered 97 Orchard Street — a dilapidated tenement building that had been shuttered for more than 50 years. Although in ruins, many of the personal artifacts of the generations that lived there remain and a whole series of tours have been developed around the inhabitants and their histories. One such tour is called […]


Creating a balanced capsule wardrobe

What: A capsule wardrobe is made of carefully selected pieces that express who you are, fit your body, your lifestyle and can be combined in many different ways. Why: Because we love our planet, for us it is all about sustainable consciousness. We encourage investing in good & fair quality pieces. This saves time, money, and builds a strong personal style – while respecting the planet and its people. How: Keep it simple, start small, take all the pieces you no longer wear and find a place for them (For more information please read No.4). Organize what you have, here is a checklist for the essential 7-10 items: 1. A good […]

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Start A Happy New Year With 5 Simple Tips !

Write down what you want to pursue this year What do you want the new year to be? Keep this as a positive list of dreams and intentions for the new chapter ahead. This will be a reminder/motivation to put your plans into action. Define how you want to spend your time What is it that really makes you shine? What are your top priorities? How does your perfect day look like? Make a quick schedule overview and keep these notes at hand so you can consult them when you are between saying yes or no. Let go of unnecessary things  At your own pace, start getting rid of stuff […]


Five beach reads that will get you thinking this summer!

Sand- check. Cocktail- check. New RubyMoon bikini- check. Good book? Check. Nothing beats unwinding and getting into a good book. Here’s a roundup of some of the most popular books on sustainability and the environment. Get informed- whilst getting brown. Collapse: How societies choose to fail or survive, Jared Diamond: Diamond makes an enquiry into how societies such as the Mayan community and the people of Easter Island, collapsed. Using a range of past and present case studies, Diamond highlights the conditions needed for societal collapse, and what needs to be done to avoid it. Stories of serial self-inflicted ‘ecocide’ can lead us to draw conclusions about the fate of […]


Travel Tuesday Special: The most sustainable European cities for you to get lost in this summer

If your Instagram feed has become sickeningly saturated with other people’s sun, sand and sea posts; why not consider a weekend away in one of Europe’s greenest cities this summer? RubyMoon puts together a list of five of the most sustainable cities in Europe, according to rankings and general experiences!   Zurich, Switzerland: Ranked number one in the 2016 Arcadis Sustainable Cities Index-Zurich is the place to be for any eco-warriors this summer. Not only is it the greenest city, but it also ranks highly in terms of quality of living. *Cough cough*; not saying there’s a correlation….The city is teeming with green spaces and nature experiences, such as the […]



RubyMoon loves the adjacent areas of Sant Pere, Ribera and El Born and it’s all walkable from San Pere all the way down to the beach- but if you decide to go further, take the 2 day metro pass for €14. Stay at the Hotel Vincci Gala, Rhonda de Sant Pere (Metro Urquinona) or stay with AirBnb in any of the above districts. Make sure that you: See the Arco de Triomphe and walk down to the Parc de la Cuitadella, refresh yourself with a coffee opposite the Cascada fountain. Admire the view from the top floor restaurant of El Corte Ingles, Plaza Catalunya Enjoy the sandy beaches at Barceloneta, San […]



Famous for it’s six beautiful bridges, Port wine and a gateway to the beautiful beaches of Northern Portugal, Porto provides perfect getaway for a long weekend. Stay in Ribiera as close to the Douro river as you can, and cross over the D. Luis bridge to explore Gaia and see the great view of the old houses and narrow streets from the other side. Whilst there, visit Taylors Port House, overlooking the river, and share a bottle with a platter of cheeses and nuts, from €16. Catch the 201 bus to the Serralves Foundation for an afternoon in a gorgeous park, a pink Art Deco villa and a museum of […]



It comes to no surprise that this summer nearly everyone I know has decided to spend their holiday visiting Croatia. It’s a country rich with history and a stunning natural landscape, whether it’s a city break or a beach escape you’re after, Croatia has you covered. Although being the country’s capital, Zagreb is often overlooked as a tourist destination even though it truly has a lot to offer. Packed with history, fascinating architecture and streets lined with museums, Zagreb offers the perfect Croatian getaway. Visit The Museum of Broken Relationships- oddly fascinating and one of a kind, this museum holds a collection of personal items donated by members of the […]

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