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Changemakers 2020: Sara Ward & The Hen Corner

In one of the previous posts, we talked about Catherine Conway, one of the Top Changemakers of 2020 in The Big Issue. The article was so eye-opening that we had to write about another inspiring woman from the same list. This time we’re choosing Sara Ward, a wife and mum living in London who transformed her back garden into a farmer’s market (and much more). Hen Corner Years ago, Sara started questioning the food she was giving her children. Where does it come from? How is it produced? How does it affect the environment? How healthy is it? All these questions had unpromising answers. So, she began buying food from […]


Turn Valentine’s Day from Red to Green

Photo credit: Bianca Mentil form Pixabay Soon it’ll be Valentine’s Day, a day of love, affection, and happiness. Many view this day as an opportunity to shower loved ones with tokens of appreciation. However, many feel obligated to empty their wallets in the name of “love”.   Also, let’s not get started with the insane expectations placed on one’s partner on this day. Since when do roses, diamonds, and expensive dinners represent how much your boyfriend/girlfriend means to you? Why is love symbolized with the amount of money you spend rather than with real actions or words?    It’s not only that, but this excessive consumption also affects our environment […]


Going Circular: How to Include Human Happiness

In our previous post we discussed the benefits of a circular model in manufacturing, but the question arose as to how can we design it to be beneficial to the people as well as the planet? How can it better appeal to the mainstream public and inspire faster change and action? We need a model that allows citizens to start their own circular initiatives. The answer to these questions lies with the Doughnut economy. A doughnut model that could solve all the social and environmental problems in the world. Need we say more? Can the Doughnut Economy Be the Solution? The Doughnut economy was designed by Kate Raworth in 2012 […]


We Celebrate Women!

Hosted by RubyMoon and FotoDocument Thursday, 12 March 2020 from 19:00 to 22:00 The Mesmerist 1-3 Prince Albert Street BN11 Brighton   Details Please join us for an evening of fun, laughter, talks, inspiration & delicious veggie / vegan food to celebrate International Women’s Day 2020! – A delicious Veg/Vegan set dinner from Space&Thyme at the Mesmerist – RubyMoon will present their work on sustainable fashion and empowering women worldwide – FotoDocument will present the work of outstanding women photographers from around the world and launch the Marilyn Stafford FotoReportage Award 2020 Be inspired by other women working with purpose in our great city – you will have the chance […]


A Solution For Our Sick Planet: The Circular Economy

Everyday we get bombarded with news about unpredictable weather, social unrest and economic fluctuations. What are we doing wrong? Why does it seem that everything is falling apart? One reason that comes to mind is the linear economy within our society that focuses on buy-use-waste. The overproduction and overconsumption stemming from this leads directly to environmental and social turmoil. At RubyMoon we think there is a solution to this problem; moving towards a circular economy, an economy with recycling, reusing and local production at its core. Can you imagine a world based on a circular economy? It all starts with saying ‘what if’. What if the UK relied entirely on […]


Female eXXpedition Fights Plastic Epidemic

Guest post from Lily Stuart In December 2019, I was lucky enough to join Leg 5 of eXXpedition Round the World supported with swimwear from RubyMoon. eXXpedition’s goal is to make the unseen seen by creating a global ocean plastic data set and promoting women in STEM. Leg 5 sailed from Aruba to Panama taking samples of ocean plastic and learning about the challenges small island nations face with waste management. The eXXpedition Round the World science programme applies the same methods and controls the world over to give a clearer picture of the challenge we face. The sampling focuses not only on surface plastic but also that in the […]


Proud to be a part of HealthySeas!

Click here to see how GhostNet Fishing and Healthyseas are saving our marine life here So proud that RubyMoon takes these nets and makes them into our wonderful clothing! Favorite


We Are Hiring! Seeking Co-Founder/CEO

CEO/Co-Founder Are you a professional who really wants to make a positive difference yet be part of an exciting, proven lifestyle brand? Do you want to be instrumental & lead the business into new territory and profitability? Do you have a solid grasp of financial modeling, are you passionate about making change, are you a risk-taker and a believer in the changing consumer/citizen landscape? If you are hungry for success and want to take ownership of a brand to push it to the next level of investment funding- this could be the opportunity for you. RubyMoon is looking for an ambitious leader to become a fully invested Co-Founder/CEO to drive […]

Capsule wardrobe

The Capsule Wardrobe Meets Gym To Swim ®

The idea of de-cluttering and forming a unique, small capsule wardrobe is not new, but gaining in popularity. The ethical implications are clear Having less clothing results in way less waste, less consumption and way less stress! – so of course, we also wanted to highlight how our own Gym to Swim ® collection is designed and produced to require less pieces- with a focus on sports, swimming and a holiday vibe. If you’re heading off anywhere you always want to pack as few things as possible.  Nothing more liberating than taking a small back pack rather than a big heavy suitcase!   Recommended Pippa Moyle, founder of both Pippa Says  and the City Girl Network which […]

Lily Stuart eXXpedition Leg 5

All- Female Crew Go All- Around The World

ALL-FEMALE CREW SET FOR PLASTIC POLLUTION CIRCUMNAVIGATION RubyMoon are proud to sponsor Lily Stuart on the eXXpedition Round the World Voyage  which sets sail from Plymouth, UK today, October 8th and will sail through some of the most important and diverse marine environments on the planet. This includes crossing four of the five oceanic gyres, where ocean plastic is known to accumulate, and the Arctic on board 73ft sailing vessel S.V. TravelEdge. The all-female crew is preparing to embark on a two-year eXXpedition sailing research mission around the world to investigate the causes of and solutions to ocean plastic pollution. We will be closely following Lily on the December Leg […]

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