Start A Happy New Year With 5 Simple Tips !

  1. Write down what you want to pursue this year
    What do you want the new year to be? Keep this as a positive list of dreams and intentions for the new chapter ahead. This will be a reminder/motivation to put your plans into action.
  2. Define how you want to spend your time
    What is it that really makes you shine? What are your top priorities? How does your perfect day look like? Make a quick schedule overview and keep these notes at hand so you can consult them when you are between saying yes or no.
  3. Let go of unnecessary things 
    At your own pace, start getting rid of stuff that you don´t use anymore. If you want a fast track: imagine you´re moving country, and can only take the absolute necessary to make you feel home. Find a destination for everything that you will be disposing of, checking your local council website to understand the best environmental option for each item.
  4. Begin a closet detox 
    Do you know what you own? Look into your closet as if it belongs to someone else, see each piece in a new light. Set aside everything that does not fit your style. Then attend a clothes swap party and trade pieces with likeminded people!
    But what about high-value/sentimental pieces that you no longer wear, but can´t let go off and need an update? Introducing SlowRePurpose – a circular fashion service that upcycles your clothes in a personalized way. Sara Rodrigues Pereira is the founder and designer, she is passionate about Fashion and Sustainability. Sara’s work is both rooted in ecological and functional fashion design principles. Why not give your clothing the update it deserves?
  5. Take time to be inspired every day
    Using a quote or a chapter of your favorite book, a picture of your Instagram guru, or your favorite music of all time, stay in touch with your mood boosts — daily!
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