In the run up to Environmenstrual Week, City to Sea are running a video and digital campaign highlighting the connection between our ocean, plastic pollution and our periods. Their dramatic and stylish short film is produced by 2 female directors and features sports-women on the water. By amplifying the voices of sportswomen leading the way in sport and female empowerment, they can highlight one simple way that people can reduce single-use plastic in their lives.

After releasing their awareness-raising film they will be carrying out a retailer campaign, putting pressure on high-street chains to increase access to-and availability of plastic-free period products on the high-street.

City to Sea is an environmental, not-for-profit organisation campaigning to stop plastic pollution –from the city to our seas. Their vision is for the world’s waterways and coastlines to be strewn with sticks, sand and seaweed … not plastic!

So, What’s the scale of problem?

At RubyMoon we were stunned to find out the following facts!

  • One pack of period pads contains the same amount of plastic as five carrier bags, and a staggering 4.3 billion disposable menstrual products are used in the UK every year.
  • Period products are the 5th most common item found on Europe’s beaches, more widespread than single-use coffee cups, cutlery or straws.
  • Most of these products find their way into our waterways and onto our beaches because they have been flushed down the toilet.

Why are City To Sea campaigning?

Plastic period

  • Most people have no idea that our period products contain so much plastic!
  • People with periods have the opportunity to reduce plastic pollution every single month by switching to a plastic-free period product and/or never flushing any period products, wet wipes or cotton buds down the toilet.
  • Retailers need to know that we want the choice to go plastic-free with our periods, and in response increase the availability of plastic-free products in store.
  • Young people aren’t being given the education they need and deserve about menstruation and its social and environmental context.
  • We need to keep our beaches and oceans free from plastic pollution from our periods!  Learn more by watching the film:

What should retailers and consumers to do?

Go the full Monty! Retailers need to stock  a full range of both reusable and plastic-free period products across all stores including: menstrual cups, reusable pads, period pants, reusable tampon applicators, organic/plastic-free tampons, pad and liners. All of these products to be sold in plastic-free packaging. Brighton’s own Mooncup is a great solution, and as consumers we need to be switching quickly to create a demand!

Here’s hoping both retailers and consumers will do their bit to make these changes! And quick!

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