The Capsule Wardrobe Meets Gym To Swim ®

The idea of de-cluttering and forming a unique, small capsule wardrobe is not new, but gaining in popularity.

The ethical implications are clear

Having less clothing results in way less waste, less consumption and way less stress! – so of course, we also wanted to highlight how our own Gym to Swim ® collection is designed and produced to require less pieces- with a focus on sports, swimming and a holiday vibe. If you’re heading off anywhere you always want to pack as few things as possible.  Nothing more liberating than taking a small back pack rather than a big heavy suitcase!

capsule wardrobe
capsule wardrobe for an ethical lifestyle


Pippa Moyle, founder of both Pippa Says  and the City Girl Network which now is operating in 13 cities- is one of our fans- and has taken her RubyMoon separates away with her on her last two holidays- and this is what she says,
“The collection was thoughtfully designed to be ‘mix and match’ for a variety of different activities –  far less for way more & the different combinations that look great! I love taking RubyMoon on holiday- I wear them all day, every day!”

Designed to be active, designed to last

Gym To Swim ® means that the garments can be worn in and out of the water- our technical fabric is not only sustainable but designed to dry quickly, resist chlorine and not fade in bright sunlight, making it perfect for being active! With 43% carbon emissions per piece, and built to last- our clothing really is saving the planet’s resources.
Our Gym To Swim ® leggings can be used for traveling, yoga and in the ocean. And worn with the sports bra or the crop top and becomes a great outfit for stand up paddle board or for beach volley ball.
Replacing the leggings with our Luz or Lucia bottoms means you are ready in a bikini to lounge by the pool or swim in the ocean. Pop on the Solange top to go to the bar or protect your skin, means you can swim for longer. Pull on the Graciela shorts to play tennis, run or cycle. All quick drying and very small- our pieces can be worn all day long in multitude of ways, yet take up a teeny tiny space in your backpack!
Whether you are thinking a capsule wardrobe for a more ethical and sustainable lifestyle, or making more space in both your head and your wardrobe by making better choices, RubyMoon have
12 pieces, 32 outfits- unlimited Gym To Swim!
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