These Boots Will Make You (UN)HAPPY!

Yesterday I recieved an email from M&S promising that ‘These boots will make you HAPPY’, I eagerly opened up the link expecting something really special- and there they were, the ‘HAPPY FEET- trend-led vegan approved boots are a great ethical style choice.‘ Vegan boots? Upon closer inspection- these were completely made of synthetics….yes, PLASTIC!

Back in the day when M&S was actually a trendsetter in R&D of new fabrics and concepts, they would have used veganism as a catalyst to develop new trademarked vegan fabrics and materials- but instead we are offered a selection of,

‘For footwear designed with thought, turn to our edit of vegan footwear. Not only is each pair in our collection brilliantly on trend, but these vegan shoes and boots have been lovingly crafted from animal-friendly materials, so you can step out in style with a clear conscience.’

These animal -friendly materials are plastics and synthetics, vague materials listed as “other materials”  in the product description.

My question is simply, ‘Why are marine and human health less important than that of cattle used for leather?’

M&S know full well that these toxic oil-based products only degrade into the soil, air and oceans- and then are breathed in & ingested. Shamefully M&S have gone for a ridiculous marketing short term fix, rather than long-term sustainable solutions. And in the process have made themselves look naive and quite frankly, desperate.

With a whole range of better textile developments, (including Pinatex made from pineapple fibres) why has M&S not even attempted to try?


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