Vote with Your Wallet

Indoor Life

During quarantine, there isn’t much we can do. Some of us cook, watch TV, exercise, read and/or play games.

But what pretty much everyone is doing, especially right now, is buying things online. We buy puzzles, clothes, gardening tools, appliances, food, sports and outdoor equipment. Amazon, Asos, Argos and other retailer companies are supplying the world with everything we need.

We realize that the only way to buy necessities nowadays is through digital means but it’s still important to keep in mind how our choices and actions can affect our planet and the people living on it.

Our Planet

How wonderful it is to see dolphins swimming next to our beaches, wild animals roaming the streets, breathing clean air and seeing places destroyed by humanity coming back to life. And even after this is over, why not keep it this way?

We’ve seen our home healing whilst we’ve stayed indoors. We’ve seen that it’s possible to reach a compromise.

When quarantine will be over, we don’t have to restart overconsuming and overproducing. We have the chance to live side by side with nature, sharing the planet rather than exploiting it. For this to happen though, we have to be more aware of our actions and the choices we make.

Think About This

So, for every brand that you purchase something from, think about how:

  1. Ethical

How ethical is the brand you’re buying from? Does it exploit workers? Does it promote the division of the global south and north? Are the workers being paid a fair wage and work in safe environments?  Are the products vegan and cruelty free? Is the brand helping in any way a charity or community?

  1. Sustainable

How sustainable is the brand? Does it use recycled materials? Are the materials polluting our waters, air and soil? Is the brand using principles of fast fashion? Are they using just the right amount of resources to produce the products?

  1. Local production

Are the clothes and products produced locally? Is the brand helping local employment? Are the materials used local? Is the brand helping the local economy?

  1. Packaging and transportation

Is the packaging 100% recyclable? Is the brand trying to reduce carbon emissions by choosing a specific transportation option?

  1. Transparency

Is the brand fully transparent? Do you know where the products are made and how they are made? Do you know how much the brand is polluting our world?

These are some questions everyone should ask when choosing to purchase something. It shouldn’t a ‘buy-use-throw away’ purchase, but rather something you can cherish and love.

What is RubyMoon?

When we created RubyMoon 9 years ago, we knew we had to focus on all these questions, all these principles for the sake of our planet.

We took a risk, a risk for the greater good and the future of fashion We decided to focus on quality rather than quantity, on versatility, practicality and uniqueness.

We decided to become a pioneer in slow fashion and recycled materials. However, we knew that this could only be truly achieved by becoming a not-for-profit brand; to differentiate us from all the other gym brands by placing women empowerment and cleaning the oceans as our core values.

More Than Just a Brand

This is why we love RubyMoon so much because it’s much more than just a brand. It’s a social enterprise, an environmental business, a community and a hope for a brighter future.

We are a group of women helping other women to start their own business and gain a voice in their community. We have given microloans all around the world; Philippines, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Ecuador, Palestine, Pakistan etc. and have helped more than 1000 women so far.

We’ve rescued and prevented so many turtles, dolphins, seals and other marine life from dying by pulling out ghost fishing nets from the oceans and regenerating them into nylon fibre.

We’ve created events such as dinners and workshops to inspire and be inspired by our female community.

Lastly, we’ve produced a collection that is unique, resistant, versatile and extremely comfortable for every woman out there who wants to vote with her wallet. A vote that can change lives, save animals, clean our polluted world and put an end to fast fashion.

RubyMoon offers more than just sustainable and ethical gym to swim clothes, it offers a new bright path for those who want to change the world for the better.

This is RubyMoon.

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