Look Great in the Snow and Save the Planet? Welcome to Picture!

Cat Kenyon

Are you thinking off going to the alps any time soon? Then you’re going to need some snazzy winter wear. Picture is a fun and colourful skiwear brand based in France. They make well designed and eco conscious winter wear. And they’re beautifully designed, so not only will you be safe in the knowledge that your helping the planet but you’ll stand out on the slopes too. It was founded by three best friends: Jeremy, Julian and Vincent in 2008 because they wanted to create winter clothes that have a positive impact on the planet, hence why they are called Picture; they look at the bigger picture.



One of the biggest problems with sustainability in the fashion industry is when the clothes are being produced there can be a lot of waste often from off cuts of fabric being thrown away. Off cuts usually get burnt which adds carbon from smoke into the atmosphere, contributing to global warming. There are many toxic chemicals used in the production of garments and these chemicals are harmful to humans, animals and the environment. The problem however is that many loosely regulated factories don’t properly treat their chemical waste, allowing it to find its way into waterways and ground water sources. But this is one of the fabulous things about Picture, they avoid the badly regulated factories. One of the factories they use sources cotton from organic farms, this means they don’t use harmful pesticides or synthetic fertilisers. By doing this it maintains and increases soil fertility and soil lifespan, and protects and encourages wildlife to survive. They use alternative chemicals in the dyeing and washing process which are less harmful but equally affective. 95% of the cotton they use is organic certified and 100% of the main fabrics are produced to the highest non-toxicity level available. They strive to use recycled fibres in as much of the garment as possible. Picture’s iconic Welcome Jacket is made from 100% recycled materials.

Another way to reduce environmental impact is with innovative design. By working with the manufacturers they have managed to find a way to use the production off cuts in the lining of their jackets. This helps reduce the amount of waste being burnt or thrown in a landfill and reduce the amount of new materials needing to be made for each garment, thus decreasing the carbon footprint. This also gives the inside of the jackets a really fun and unique look. Picture make sure their garments are easily recyclable. By using 100% cotton or polyester in the garment it means at the end of the garments lifespan, the garment can be handed in to be recycled and turned into new garments. Another way Picture has allowed their products to have a new life is through clever design. An item I really like is there Rethink bag. Its designed in such a fantastic and innovative way that means once the person who bought it is tired of the bag or has replaced it, they can cut the bag apart along certain lines, turning it into new items. The bag can be turned into a laptop case, pencil cases and toiletry bags.



Picture have a really fantastic recycling program that encourages consumers to increase the lifespan of their products. They have Picture recycling bins in their stores which are handmade from recycled materials. Consumers can donate old, worn out Picture garments as well as textiles from other brands and Picture will then sort through the garments. Anything that is in a good condition, they will give to charity. Garments that are un-wearable but are made from one material – such as cotton or polyester – will be recycled down to the fibres and turned into new garments. Anything that’s left, for example unwearable garments that are made from a mix of fibres, will be repurposed into something else. Gloves can be turned into phone cases. Jackets can be turned into multiple pencil cases. They even recycle the old advertising canvases by turning them into promotional bags. This is really good because these efforts will make a positive impact on the world and if more brands choose to think like this then the fashion industry could begin to reduce its carbon impact and make a positive change.

Their website: https://www.picture-organic-clothing.com/en

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