Our ‘2020 Vision’

During lockdown we had some thoughts about how to re-wire RubyMoon to make it even more circular, this is what we came up with, we call it our 2020Vision:

Help Us Build Community, Resilience and Democratise Sustainability

Sounds ambitious, right? At RubyMoon we’ve never been afraid to pioneer business models , and our 2020 Vision is no exception.

Challenge- If customers are not keen to rent intimate apparel or active wear, what is the next best thing?

So, What Are The Big Ideas?

Reduce Consumption

Do More With Less Our capsule collection of ‘mix and match’ seperates take you from Gym To Swim with minimal fuss- maximum sports, minimum amount of pieces. Every year we run core basic styles and add different, exclusive prints and maybe a pop colour. This means that you know you will be able to add a style next year that we guarantee will match to the RubyMoon pieces that you already own. Less pieces, more fun.

capsule wardrobe
capsule wardrobe for an ethical lifestyle


But we wanted to take this a step further to Give More With Less, too

Through our membership RubyMoon reaches more customers in terms of affordability and interaction. We all want a better world for everyone to enjoy for generations to come. Our membership acts as a community ‘piggy bank’ making it possible to invest in women entrepreneurs and sustainable product whilst enjoying additional community benefits such as the opportunity to buy nice birthday gifts and experiences and introductions to other likeminded organisations. Minimum cost with maximum positive impact.

Our Plans for 2020 and Beyond

Help Us Close The Loop

By spearheading a ‘take back & remanufacture’ through a collaborative and innovative R&D initiative for the re-use of waste stretch active wear. This unique project focusing on polyamide, the strongest synthetic material to improve durability through nano technology whilst eliminating microfibre shredding. This will create employment as well as environmental benefits.

Help Us Increase Impact Through Durability

By 2012 re-designing of the RubyMoon products in order reach a ten year product guarantee to reduce consumption, as the biggest environmental impact we can make is to extend the life of our clothing.

Help Us Accelerate Diversity & Inclusion

By launching new products to extend our collection culturally and also by size and age and by income, including modest swimmers. We have started by developing soaps & moisturisers with communities in Africa suffering from exclusion due to albinoism. There is more to come.


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