Sadhguru – Stop Taking Life Too Seriously

The Future

Life is uncertain; we don’t know what will come our way and what the future holds for us. The truth is, nobody knows about the future but, isn’t that a great thing?

It’s like going to watch a suspense thriller movie, we don’t want anyone to spoil it for us, we want to be surprised and amazed. We can make all the predictions we want “I think this will happen” or “I think this person will do this”. We watch the movie and nothing that we predicted happens, and that’s when we say “wow that was a wonderful movie”. We were captivated during the whole movie, intrigued by what will happen next.

Our life is fantastic; the only thing is that we lost the ability to enjoy the suspense. We want to know the end before we even start the game. But wouldn’t that be a boring life?

Stop Worrying

We need to stop worrying about everything and just enjoy the ride. At the end of the day, we arrived in this world with nothing and we will leave with nothing; there’s no special box we can take with us when we leave this place.

The only thing that counts is “did you make your life experience profound and intense enough?”, that’s the most important thing. We came here to experience life, not to avoid it. So, it’s time to live. We can either be excited or fearful about it.

We worry about tomorrow because we’ve already fixed in our minds what should happen and we’re afraid of what we think might not happen. But tomorrow still doesn’t exist. The reality is that there’s only now. What happened in the past is already gone and what happens in the future still doesn’t exist.

The great thing about human beings, that separates us from all the other creatures on this planet, is our sense of memory and imagination. Our memory keeps the past events alive and our imagination already produces what might happen tomorrow. Our problem is that we focus so much on these two things that we fail to appreciate the present. We worry and stress about everything, we manufacture misery in our mind and let our memory be a source of suffering. Yet, we forget stress is not a part of us. We can’t change what happened yesterday, but we can adjust our psychological process for it to not affect us.

Having a job, not having a job, getting married, not getting

married, having children, not having children; we find everything stressful. Yet, we forget we are the producers of our own emotions and how we perceive and deal with them.

If you had a choice would you rather be blissful and happy or miserable? It’s your choice. You can’t control outside events but you can control what happens within you.

How you perceive, feel, think, understand and express yourself will determine how happy you are.

For instance, when we fail in something we can use that situation to make us stronger or we can let us crush us. At the end of the day, failing is beneficial; remember, success comes to you not because you desire it, everyone desires it, but because you’re capable of it. There’s really no need to add fear and worry into the equation, if you’re capable of something then it’ll come your way and if not you learn from it, no one is perfect and no one is the same. You already achieved so much so far, even if you don’t realize it. Be happy with what you’ve accomplished, don’t take it for granted!

Don’t Take Life Too Seriously

Really, there’s no need to be too serious.  Bertrand Russell once said, “If you’re beginning to think that what you’re doing is very important, you need to take a holiday”. Every day take a holiday from your seriousness, enjoy life instead.

Seriousness comes from ourselves; we hold ourselves as important people. The truth is, we are just a speck of dust in this experience. We are like a pop-up on a computer; we pop in and we pop out. Life will still go on without us so, why not enjoy life whilst we’re still here? Loosen up your life a little bit, laugh a little more, involve yourself with people around you, do things that you think are not so important. Don’t do important things, do simple things. If you constantly do very important things, then your life will become dead serious. Now it’s time to be alive!

You don’t know if you’ll ever run faster than Bolt or become the richest person in the world. There’s only one thing that you must do to yourself, one thing you deserve, one thing that is 100% in your hands; you can live here as a joyful human being.

Life is not suffering.

If you ride life, it feels fantastic. If you’re crushed by it, it feels terrible.

So, are you going to ride the wave of life or will you let it crush you?

You’re in control, you choose!



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