Shoppers Attack Single Use Plastic

ITV News report

‘Plastic Attack’ proves the unnecessary amount used by supermarkets

A group of shoppers in Birmingham make a trip to their local supermarket to do their weekly shop; but before taking it home, they decided to remove all the single use plastic covering their food and leave it in the store. The ‘attack’ created a strong message for business’ and shoppers. Witnessing how much plastic is being used in just one weekly shop definitely shocks the majority of us.  Morrison’s, where the ‘attack’ took place says they are working towards reducing their plastic usage. But with almost three trolleys full of the toxic waste produced from this one shopping trip, does something more drastic need to happen?

Geraint Davies, the MP for Swansea is in the process of proposing a bill to reduce single use plastic with the aim to make all plastics recyclable by 2025. This seems like a great step in reducing our waste and as his campaign goes on it only seems to be growing with several MP’s including Jeremy Corbyn backing him.





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