The Super Pink Moon: A New Beginning 🌕🌷

Tonight, Tuesday 7th April, wherever you are, look out of your window, balcony or garden.

Tonight something beautiful happens in the sky. Not only will it be a full moon, but a supermoon/ super pink moon. On this night, the moon will be bigger and shine brighter than usual as it’ll be closest to our home planet.

What is a Supermoon?

A supermoon is a full moon that looks bigger than usual. This is because the moon will be closer to earth than the average earth-moon distance.

Astronomers call it Perigean Full Moon as Perigee is the point in the orbit where the moon is closest to earth.

During a supermoon, the moon “can appear up to 14% larger and 30% brighter than a full moon at its longest distance from Earth.” (Carter, 2020)

Thus, once a year, during spring, we have the chance to observe the magnitude of earth’s natural satellite in all its glory.

RubyMoon & the Super Pink Moon

The supermoon is the first full moon of spring. For us, it means a new beginning; the true beginning of spring, the blooming of flowers and a shift in energy. The moon will shine brighter tonight than any other night in the year. For RubyMoon, this natural light also means new hope and a new connection to everything that surrounds us.

The super pink moon is also the ultimate symbol and connection we have with our femininity.

The pink in the super Pink Moon derives from the blooming of a pink flower during Spring, the Phlox Subulata, in the eastern U.S. Due to this blooming, the native Americans decided to name the first full moon of April like this.

Like the flower, this positive colour also symbolises nurturing, compassion and love. Being a mixture between red and white, pink comprises both passion and purity within its colour, making it the perfect combination of strength and openness.

Also, the moon, from ancient times, is considered a feminine symbol as the menstrual cycle connects with the cycles of the moon.

All these factors can only mean one thing- the supermoon will bring new bright energy to our body, mind and soul and a strength and commitment rarely felt before.

A New Hope

This period has been extremely hard for everyone. The change in our routine and abnormality has left us felling unstable and unsettled. This is why tonight we can hope for a new start by admiring this beautiful natural phenomenon. Let’s believe in the power of the moon to give us strength and stability and hopefully, positively shift our current perspective on our temporary life.

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