Top Tips For An Eco Christmas

How to keep reducing your ecological footprint during this high consumption time of the year

For the holiday season the BBC has provided a useful list of 9 ways to stay away from plastic:

  1. Reduce on the glossy wrapping paper
  2. Give up the tinsel
  3. Hold off from the Christmas coffee cup
  4. Reconsider eating fish
  5. Prepare your lunch box
  6. Shop at plastic-free supermarkets
  7. Eat waste-free crakers
  8. Make your own toiletries and offer them as gifts
  9. Have a tote bag at all times
    And we have added one more, very important tip!
  10. Order ethical and sustainable Christmas gifts

And this is where RubyMoon helps! This article tells us that 46% of ocean pollution consists mainly of fishing nets. So if you want to have a positive impact this season, you still have time to order our quality fitness wear made out of ECONYL® — nylon yarn from used fishing nets and other regenerated materials. We partner up with Healthy Seas that together with non-governmental organizations and businesses clean the oceans and seas of marine litter such as derelict fishnets responsible for the needless death of marine animals. After they recycle them into high-quality raw material for brand new products like ours.

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