Vegan Leather Alternatives

We know as Autumn approaches we know the hunt for vegan leather is in- however not all these animal alternatives are ethical or even sustainable. Check out this article by @fakemovement:

There are many animal leather alternatives out in the world! Vegan alternatives range from plants, fungi, synthetics, recycled materials, and yes even minerals.

As we continue to push vegan sustainable fashion, we cannot fail to mention some important topics regarding our list. We will always be honest with all FAKERS. Which is why the following information, we hope, helps bring clarity to vegan leather.

Vegan doesn’t always mean ethical?

Unfortunately, vegan alternatives are not always 100% environmentally friendly meaning that the process for some of the leathers mentioned do cause harm to our environment. This environmental harm also causes damage to humans and animals who depend on a clean and sustainable environment.

To further explain what we mean let’s talk synthetic leather. The tanning process can be as toxic as the animal leather process. Yet, it has been an alternative for many vegans today and in the past. We want all harmful materials to be a thing of the past, but we feel the need to acknowledge synthetic leather as it has helped spare the lives of many animals.

Even though some of these alternatives are not 100% ethical they are for sure far more sustainable than that of any animal leather.

Credit :Hailey Moeller

Alternatives do far less damage to animals, people and the planet than any animal leather can ever claim, but some are still better than others- here is the orignal article with some suggestions:

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