Waves of Wisdom : Why do RubyMoon Active Ambassadors love SUP?


Ocean Lovers

This week’s blog post is for the ocean lovers! Earlier this month, we decided to try something new and have a go at some Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) in Brighton. We were led by two highly experienced SUP boarders: Sara & Lee, who are also both Active Ambassadors here at RubyMoon! Lee was actually one of the first paddleboarders here on the south coast and encoraged others to get involved in the world of water sports! We managed to get a few photos to show you guys…


Paddle off into the Sunset

SUP is a great way to start to build your confidence in the water. It’s best when the water is calm and flat. This way, you can relax and paddle around with your fellow ocean lovers. Originally from Hawaii, this sport derived from local surfers who were using their boards to take photos of other surfers…

Lee_SUP_2Bring your yoga moves…

Now Stand Up Paddle Boarding is becoming more and more popular, particularly due to current design innovations that are happening. This has resulted in many paddle boards becoming inflatable, which means they are much easier to transport and launch into open water! The new design feature has propelled SUP to new heights! Not only great is it great for fitness and touring around the coast, some people even prefer to do Paddle Board Yoga!

And your sassy Solange Rashguards…!


In this photo you can see both Sara & Lee in the Solange Rashguard, a very supportive yet flexible fit- perfect for SUP. Both active ambassadors agreed that Solange Rashguard helped them maintain a high body temperature in the cool and choppy Brighton waters.

The Solange Rashguard, just like all of our other pieces, is certified against chlorine, sunlight and saltwater. This ensures that the fabric does not wear and tear, particularly when involved in active water sports!

Sara (on the left) paired her Solange Rashguard with some Graciella Multi Sport shorts whereas Lee decided to go for the Gina sports legging. Both the Graciella shorts and the Gina leggings are GymToSwim® , which makes them highly versatile and easily adopted into an active lifestyle!

Try a Top Tip  

I asked both Lee and Sarah what their top tip was for any SUP beginners. Sara said that “the centre of the board is the centre of your universe, focus on that and everything else will follow”. Lee said “you should always make sure your head is up and looking towards the horizon”.

So next time you grab your SUP board you know what to keep in mind… and also what gear to wear 😉


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